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Get a clear picture of Russian words for parts of the body, including "head", "tongue", "eye", "leg", "hand", "stomach" and others.If you like to travel, the English translations, phonetic transcription and audio recordings are an excellent way to prepare for a possible visit to the doctor and be able to explain where it hurts in Russian.See this page a long, thin tube inserted through a small incision and run to your heart.Through this tube, dye can be injected for clear x-rays, tiny tools can be used at its end, biopsies (samples) can be taken, and pressures measured.Calcium Channel Blocker - class 4 anti-arrhythmic drugs.These drugs lower blood pressure and may weaken the heart's pumping strength.

adenosine is a substance released from the heart when catecholamine levels are high - as in heart failure.lay needs an object and has laid as its past tense and past participle: He (had) laid his book down ; He will be laying his proposals before the committee tomorrow .lie takes no object and has lying as its present participle, lay as its past tense and lain as its past participle: Please lie down ; He lay down ; He had lain there for hours .It is formed from angiotensin 1 by the action of ACE inside the lungs.Angiotensin II is over-active in heart failure and has harmful effects on the heart.

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